Kenyan Chronicles 2.0 September 23th

In the morning we went to the school "Favor". We looked at the renovation that was done at the school after its opening. The walls were not only primed and painted. Alfred also invited an artist who drew some funny pictures on them.
And one more important thing – representatives of the “IntelexGlobal” @intelex.io company have agreed to help one of the students of the school who has a skin disease. They will pay for the treatment.

And finally, we went to the school "Eagle View" to fr. Acadius. The children were just writing an English test. Here, the “INTELEX” platform again helped to solve problems. They agreed to replace all the utensils that have become unusable, and to install night "standby" lighting in the school since they often steal from schools in Kibera. Steel school desks and textbooks. Desks are used for firewood, textbooks – for lighting.
Well and that's all. Before leaving, we stopped by to buy chapatis, incredible African flatbreads, on the road.