Kenyan Chronicles 2.0 September15th (p.2)

When our rather careless driver realized that we were going to Kibera, he became serious. And when we arrived he closed the car windows, locked the doors, put his phone in his inner pocket and advised us to follow him.🥺
In Kibera, we met with Alfred and his friends. Alfred, as it turned out to be, attracted all possible resources, including friends, to put the future school in order. The room he rented used to be abandoned, there was dirt and cobwebs everywhere. Alfred was helped by everyone who could. They cleaned the floors, washed the walls, strengthened the steps.
Before the opening ceremony, our team was asked to plant a tree. This is an obligatory tradition. Rustam Ostapov a cofounder of the “IntelexGlobal” company, and Vadim Markin, a representative of our foundation, planted each a seedling. Then the children put garlands around their necks and gave them scissors. The ribbon to the class, in which, instead of the planned 50 pupils, there were at least 80 ones, 😳 was cut.
In a classroom on the top floor, a ceremonial meeting was held to mark the opening of the school. Everything was dignified and formal …for a quarter of an hour. 🥸 But very soon we switched to informal communication 🥳🎉Both children and adults were treated to a festive dinner with rice and soda.
The reaction of “IntelexGlobal” company representatives to what was happening was quite remarkable. According to them, this trip changed their ideas about life a lot. “I was sure, - the operator of the company said , - that in the films about Africa they use a certain technique - they film concentrated trash from different angles and then give a cut of only horror stories. But now I see: you need no special editing - just ordinary reportage shooting ”.
It is worth adding that during the opening ceremony and then during the walk around Kibera we were accompanied by several professional boxers.😬
One way or another, from tomorrow, the primary school "Tabor" for 80 pupils in the slums of Kibera is open. And it’s really wow!