we educate the poorest children in the biggest African slum
every day six dozen children from the poorest families of Kibera come here for a portion of knowledge and porridge

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On this page, you can look into the eyes of the poorest children on the planet. They all live in Kibera, Africa's largest slum. In the best case, they live on a dollar a day when mom has a job, such as washing clothes. But now it's offered very rarely and paid very little. Many families with children were forced to leave their shacks and huddle with relatives because they could no longer afford a hut made of metal shields.
While at home, these children ate at best once a day. They did not have access to drinking water in the required quantity and medical care.

A year ago, everything changed. They went to school, to Tabor School. And while they are studying here, they have guaranteed two meals a day, free uniforms and textbooks, and medical care.

Now everything is changing again: the school is on the verge of closing. Food is getting more expensive, and donors have fatally reduced the amount of aid. We're trying to save the school. There is hope for this project.

We offer to anyone who wants to cover the cost of maintaining one child. There are 67 children in total. The cost of maintaining each child is $45 per month.

So far, only one Elizabeth has a permanent sponsor. You can take responsibility for anyone else.
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our children
there are 67 children at school since it's the maximum we can afford for now. as we get more subscriptions, we will open more classes.

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full food cover for one child per month
full social cover for one child per month
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– charitable foundation, the establisher of Tabor School.

We drive a dozen of projects in Kenya that protect and support children in danger. We have treated 1,520 children in 2021. We teach 138 students and feed 297 children daily.

children must live partners with schools, shelters, and medical facilities in Kenya to provide the best possible help.

Unified Identification Code: 205929402
132 Mimi Balkanska St, Slatina District, Sofia 1540, Bulgaria
tabor school
The school is registered in Kenya as Community Based Organization.
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