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How it was before
It was like everywhere in the slums. Local children didn’t study. There are no free schools in Kenya, and even less of them there are in the slums. Mission schools do not solve the problem and require payment for at least uniform and schoolbooks. Slum dwellers have nothing to pay even this minimum.
We opened our school not only to teach the children of Kibera. To save first of all. To feed, heal and transform their lives.
We named our school symbolically — "Tabor".
At the moment of its opening — September 15, 2021 — there were three classes and 67 children in the school. The school menu was rather poor. Electricity was not everywhere. Books were a necessary minimum. The kids almost didn’t smile…
How it became
There are now a hundred of schoolchildren! The number of classes is four! Our teachers are licensed and highly motivated! The school menu includes vegetables, fish, eggs, fruit.
Children learned to read, write a little and dream a lot!
They undergo regular medical examinations and celebrate holidays.
For the first time in their lives, they tasted "food from pictures" - chicken, cake, candy, soda! They tried another childhood, another life, and now they want to live only such a life!
The way we will celebrate
We thought for a long time and decided to take the children … outside the slums. To show them a completely different world!
Highly likely this will be the first school trip in the history of Kibera slum.
Our kids have never been anywhere! They have no idea that there is another universe in which buses run, planes fly, shopping centers operate and smiling children eat ice cream riding carousels. They have never seen "Kenya's national treasure" - its amazing wildlife.
For the first birthday of Tabor School, we will take our children to Stedmak Gardens. This is a theme park with an aviary zoo. There are lions, tigers, zebras and parrots there. Cafes and carousels operate.
This trip will become a window into the other world, incredible and amazing. There is no hunger in it and sewage does not flow down the streets… But birds sing, flowers bloom and people smile…
How much it costs
to look into the "parallel reality"
500 ksh costs a children’s ticket to Stedmak Gardens for the whole day (with lunch).
We need a bus also — seven flights.
And soda! And a birthday cake! And chicken either, "the most delicious food in the world"!
In total, we need 135,000 ksh for the Tabor School’s birthday celebration — including a trip, a festive dinner and decorations for the school premises.
This is about $1125
We’re planing to organise the trip in stages, but every child will definitely go.
Are you with us?
Throwing a super school birthday party in the slums?
You can just pay the entrance ticket to the child.
This is ~$5
Or you can “order” a cake.
This is ~ $40.
Or just a pair of bottles of soda!
Any help is appreciated!

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