Christmas at Tabor School

Christmas comes everywhere, even on the battlefield.
Even beyond the equator. Even in the slums.
This project page is for organizing a Christmas holiday for the world's poorest children. For children living in the slums of Kibera and never in their life - NEVER IN LIFE! - in their life having received presents.
This project is for those who have Christmas in their hearts, "because if Christmas is not in your heart, you cannot find it under the tree."

Let there be an incredible children's Christmas holiday!
children must live
Kibera Slum, Nairobi
25th of December
What we need
atmosphere, treats, and presents!


We will create the atmosphere with the help of a Christmas tree, which we will put at school and dress up, New Year's garlands, and other tinsel;)
Let everything sparkle and shine!


We chose the gifts for our children ourselves. Children of the slums do not know how to dream about toys and do not write letters to Santa Claus (and if they described their dreams to him, he would have come to despair).
Therefore, we will spare him and buy plush toys, dolls, and balls. Children in Kibera do not have anything like this and will not exist without us. Gifts for all the children require $94.34
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In addition to a festive lunch of rice and salad, there will be sweets, cookies, and fruits. And soda! Let it sizzle and foam - it's sweet and fun! And only for the second time (after the school opening holiday) in their life! The festive table for more than 100 people will require $188.68

and also gifts for adults

We pay very little to Tabor School teachers and staff. It's not fair, but we're doing our best.
And while the school does not have money for full-fledged salary rates, we want to give the school staff symbolic bonuses to thank them for their work and motivate them to continue working with us. It is essential to respect and protect your team.
So, this is how we would like to celebrate our first Christmas. To make it not only seems like a miracle but to make a real and fantastic blessing for children and their families to have fun games and national dances. So that people will forget about their troubles even for a day, and their life will be transformed for a short time, giving faith in further great transformation.
In general, we invite everyone to join the Santa Team.
The miracle is closer than it seems.
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there is no snow in Kibera slums,
so we added snow to this page

who we are

We are Tabor School, a school for the poorest children in Africa's biggest slums. We teach, feed, and treat 62 children.

The school was founded by the Сhildren Must Live charitable foundation, which cares for endangered children worldwide. It provides medical, humanitarian, and financial assistance to shelters, needy families, non-profit social organizations.
More than six hundred children in Kenya are under the care of the foundation.
Kibera Slum, Nairobi, Kenya
P.O. Box 2885