Buy me a doll!
Help us equip the space for playing and reading at Tabor Happy School
In the slum of Kibera where up to a million people live and the average family has four children, we did not see a single toy in the houses… Oh, sorry, we saw this one.
It's impossible to believe our own eyes

But we are completely sure that slum children have no idea how to use a balance bike.

The only bright objects we’ve seen in the hands of slum children were colorful bottle caps with the help of which local kids learn to count, using them on arithmetic lessons instead of counting sticks.
Having moved to a new school building, we decided to break the trend, at least in our particular school. While planning the space we have provided a corner for playing and reading.
We will put bookshelves here and boxes with toys and board games! We will throw a mat and bright pillows on the floor so that the small kids can lie down and relax. In Kenya, even in more prosperous areas, younger students sleep right at their desks on a hot African afternoon. Like this:
Let’s do rather small but very important thing! Present Tabor kids with dolls and balls, toy vans, cubes and lego sets. And soft pillows either. So that, as one famous cartoon character used to say, "not to be late for the whole childhood…"
…just because kids all over the world should play!
Choose any position you like and donate to it. Frankly speaking this is the best thing you can spend some if your money on.
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